Is God's Love More Holy than His Holiness Is Loving?



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Calvinist here

Found this blog because I have been asking this question. I disagree with the conclusion of the blog, though. If our nature is "infinitely wicked" then we are spiritually corrupt and unable to desire the good that is Christ. I believe I am coming to the conclusion that holiness is more fundamental to God's character because of a few pieces of evidence: 1) Scripture says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So in order for us to begin to know Him we must fear Him rightly. This requires a healthy respect and reverence, which is a result of apprehending His holiness. 2) Scripture indicates that God is not like us. We are primarily concerned with love, especially in this age. Scripture speaks of a God who is "desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power." That is not to say He isn't willing to love. He sends rain on the just and unjust. However, we must acknowledge the natural bent we have to emphasize love over holiness. This is seen in that people who emphasize love over holiness tend to include ways other than Christ in order to be made right with God. 3) This is the most convincing one to me; not all are saved. If God's love were to be primary over and above his holiness then it stands to reason that everyone would be saved. However, we know that not to be the case. Since only the elect are saved it makes sense that God's holiness must be preeminent over His love.

In stating this, it is not my intention to belittle God's love. His love is obviously something that we cannot even fathom. I simply have been asking this question and these are the thoughts I am seeking to allow Scripture to guide me to, rather than my own faulty thinking. I appreciate the blog and the question it addresses.

Joe Johnston 117 days ago