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inconvenient truth

I found a wonderful statement in "Our Daily Bread" yesterday, "Wisdom is understanding what's really important." What is more important, making disciples for Christ, or forcing social issues shunned in the Bible on our membership? When we return to the purpose of the church, it will return to what Wesley began: winning souls for Christ.

Trudi Peters more than 9 years ago


I would be interested in knowing what "power" the clergy gave away when they got a guaranteed minimum "job." In many annual conferences and the General Conference they vote on the benefits that they receive, they serve on the committees that determine the benefits that the conference votes on. They have a hand in setting the guaranteed minimum “job” level.

As a lay person, it is interesting to me that the clergy in my church have guaranteed Health Insurance coverage paid for through my tithe... They have a guaranteed defined benefit, without the requirement for a personal contribution, for life funded by my tithe and a defined contribution based on their salary and housing funded though my tithe. They have the income tax exclusion for housing expenses for life. With the exception of a possible 401K for which I am required to make a contribution, none of these benefits are available to me and many other lay persons in my church. The good news is that I think each of the pastors in my church are worth every dollar that I contribute. However, I don’t remember hearing them talk about the power that they have beyond calling the congregation to be disciples and to make disciples. Nor do I remember them telling me their “job” was difficult. I do remember them talking about the call God made on their lives and the satisfaction of knowing that they responded in a positive and productive way with the concomitant stress involved.

Frank Dunnewind more than 9 years ago

Brother Sky's Wordsmithing

Well put -- espec. "we have come full circle...we have become what he (Fr. John ) sought to renew.

I agree 100%.
Now -- let's put our collective energies and resources to work to actually walk-the-walk -- enuf of the talking-the-talk over and over and over and over and over again ........ oh, and BTW -- I heard GC cost $3M -- I say lets teleconference the next one, save all those millions (and the $3M prob. does not include meals, lodging, transpo. for the delagates to come from places like AFRICA for instance !!) and feed like maybe 5000 HUNGRY PEOPLE -- (I seem to remember a story like that from .... from ..... oh yeah -- THE BIBLE! What a concept?!)

Todd Anderson more than 9 years ago


From the very beginning, being appointed and the "guaranteed" appointment went hand in hand for many good reasons. Pastors essentially gave their power away in exchange for a guaranteed conference minimum job. It was the deal that management and labor struck to manage the system. Bottom line: If the guarantee goes away then the appointive system needs to be dismantled as well. I think it is interesting and telling that this very point is very seldom made in the public debate, which shows just how dis-empowered Methodist clergy have come to see themselves. They should have demanded the linkage from the very beginning of the debate.

Mark T. Moore more than 9 years ago

inconvenient truth

Amen, amen and amen! Very powerful & sadly, true! Thanks for the wakeup call....keep speaking it! Don't give up!

Anita Beard more than 9 years ago