Food Pantries and Band-Aids



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Food beyond the Band-Aid

We recently did a study of Food Insecurity in our county in Maryland. The county is the fourth wealthiest in the state. The striking issue is that about 1 in 5 children are on free school lunch programs. After looking at county data, the conclusion was that (a) most jobs in the county pay less than it costs to live in the county, (b) there is a continuing problem with single parents unable to earn enough to support their children, and (c) we too have a set of chronically ill, physically or mantally, people who are only marginally able to live independently. Other issues also exist, but these seem to be the major ones. We are looking at what our church can do to address these problems.

Alan Stottlemyer more than 9 years ago

Food Pantries and Bandaids

A lot of your questions remind one of a political platform. When does each church pray for what Christ wants us to do? It is amazing how the church has found an easy out by letting the goverment do it. As we love to meet in the church; create plans that are about as usefull as who knows what; and instead of going out and doing what Christ wants us to-We sit in church, singing "Safe am I", and hope like crazy that Uncle Sam will come through again. I will say that the questions are excellent, but have you seen my Jesus today? Cause your questions seem to have forgotten Him.

Stephen Whitlock more than 9 years ago


You concern for justice is well taken. We need to look beyond immediate needs by addressing what might be done to fix the problem long term. Not an easy task for a small church or even a larger church. That fact alone, however, should not keep us from seeking solutions.

Terry McGauvran more than 9 years ago