Denials, Charges Fly in GC2019 Voting Credentials Review



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Not wise having a pro-LGBT activist as a GC translator for the African delegates

Weird situation. Why would GC even allow a translator for the African delegates who is a known out-spoken critic of the theology of the African delegates and of their relationship with U.S. theological conservatives? Isn't this just common sense and basic civility?

Paul W. more than 2 years ago

A translator is just that

Regardless of the translator's support of affirmation of one social construct or another, the issue is not whether he
failed in his duty to adequately translate the proceedings.

Kathleen Hayward more than 2 years ago


As a man married to a lady who is legally deaf, I refute Ms. Hayward’s statement. The amendments necessary to make the traditional plan comply were delivered to the General Conference and the Council of Bishops in October. This was deliberate subterfuge to take advantage of the language differences and mislead the overseas delegates. The Bishops, their staffs, the judicial council forget that Jesus called them to serve.

Matthew Gotthardt more than 2 years ago

Sad that I need to spell out the issues which should be obvious

Hmmm. Is it not clear why this is a problem? 1) This biased out-spoken pro-LGBT anti-conservative theology activist translator is the primary source for the accusations against the African delegates. A GC translator should be neither an activist or partisan so that he has no dog in the fight and he can't be accused of acting on his own biases. 2) From other reports, there were times that the African delegates appeared to be confused about exactly what was being voted on and the meaning of some of the votes; rightly or wrongly, now knowing that one of the translators had a known out-spoken bias against the Africans' position calls into question whether he might have explicitly or implicitly (perhaps even unconsciously) aided in the confusion. The GC organizers have a clear responsibility to make sure that even the appearance of bias is avoided; this is yet another case where our leadership has failed.

Paul W. more than 2 years ago