GC2019: Obsession with Other People's Gentalia



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There is more than one UMC GLBT member contemplating suicide, given the church's continual abuse.

Benjamin A. Uchytil more than 2 years ago

I disagree with the pastor who condemned you

just as I disagreed with my Methodist pastor granddaddy who told my mother that she could not assume her maiden name after my dad divorced her, leaving her with two teenage children to care for. She survived and so did we. However, I am still a traditionalist when it comes to the sexuality question. America has been obsessed with sex for a long time. I was a teenager during the '60's and '70's when sex became a recreational activity and the church was strangely silent. What I have discovered since then is that the Methodist and United Methodist Church has not been in possession of a robust understanding of anything for a very long time. We are all working from our own perceptions and feelings. I believe God created us male and female for a reason. I believe humanity is as broken as the day Jesus first set foot on this earth to save us from ourselves. I believe 2000+ years of Christianity has something to teach us. I believe it is not about reinventing Christianity for this day and time, I believe it is reclaiming what we have forgotten. I know for a fact that classic Christianity has absolute nothing in common with modern fundamentalism which is its own deviant version of classic Christianity. The church has become an end to itself--striving to make itself more appealing--rather than reclaiming a robust theology about God and us that acknowledges we are great sinners--and as Wesley would say, most of us are a more acceptable type of sinner--but Jesus is an even greater savior and it is not about what we do for Him or even in His name, it is what He is capable of doing in each and every one of us.

betsy more than 2 years ago

Bless you on your journey

Bless you and may God be with you on your journey. I appreciate your placing your faith in God rather than hysteria and hyperbole as the author tends to do.

John more than 2 years ago


God has clearly spoken through those assembled at the general conference—it’s not our job to debate any more, but to find a way foraward in the midst of a clear doctrinal truth that has been spoken at the meeting. As someone who struggles with same-sex attraction myself, this is what I find the most peace in—that God is sovereign and wouldn’t have had the vote go this way unless it was his will.

Mason Smith more than 2 years ago