Church Leaders Hear Way Forward Update

First Public Meeting on 3 Models Takes Place in Côte d’Ivoire



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Going Nowhere Fast

"A child of God is dead! Cannot we acknowledge in this country that we cannot accept this!" - Philip Mudd

We have committed great evil by incorporating and perpetrating hatred and rejection of our LGBT members. How many thousands have committed suicide due to our hate? Children of God are dead, and it is our fault!

The Way Forward Commission was formed because we, at General Conference, could not find the way. The Commission also failed to find a way, as evidenced by the three proposed models - the same models the entire church discussed long before the advent of The Commission. We are running in circles, going nowhere fast.

How do we move forward? The way forward is LOVE. Where is love to be found? In acceptance of all: Open Doors and Open Minds.

We cannot afford to lose one more Child of God.

Ben more than 4 years ago

how do you define love?

Is "love" defined as "accepting everyone's behavior"? The serial adulterer and the congenital liar are welcome in the church. However, the church should lovingly point out the error of their ways. It is not loving to see someone repeatedly violating God's law and tell them that that is ok. Like every sinner, I need to change. It helps if the church points out those areas to me.

In Christ,

the enemy hates clarity

theenemyhatesclarity more than 4 years ago

The reality of adopting a centrist or progressive view

Every mainline denomination that has tried the centrist or progressive stance has only succeeded in accelerating its numerical decline. Meanwhile, the Wesleyan Church, which openly embraces historic Christian beleifs continues to move right along and has even had seasons of record growth.

Betsy more than 4 years ago

The options

This is going to be painful, no doubt. Hard decisions need to be made.

Sarah more than 4 years ago

Arkansas is doing this too

I attended one of the district meetings. It was about as expected, after all, this is Arkansaw.

They sought to facilitate small group discussion, as these things often do. I arrived late and sat with a pair of septuagenarian couples, small town bourgeoisie, salt of the earth people really, or so it seemed.

Or so it seemed. Their support for the traditionalist option was entirely grounded in the business case - in their view, adopted the centrist or progressive models would cause members to leave and thus contributions to drop. One woman was expressing upset the UM church has "a bad reputation" in their area dominated by Southern Baptists - why, she wasn't clear, but it seemed to me if was for our liberalism or more accurately the perception of it.

There was one couple with extremist views who tried to shout down the District Superintendent. He tried to engage them but to no avail. It appeared any change in the rules regarding human sexuality would lead to their exit. Interestingly, he wore a jacket made of mixed fabric and she wore pants.

Failure to adopt the centrilst or progressive option just cements our irrelevancy as the rest of the world as rightfully moved on.

George Nixon Shuler more than 4 years ago

reply to george shuler

George, your comment about the couple was disingenuous to say the least. Mixed fabrics and ladies in pants refer to jewish ceremonial law which we are not bound by as Christians under the new covenant, not the old covenant. By the way all of the denominations that have become "relevant" are losing members at a phenomenal rate, while the evangelical churches which hold to the traditional view and biblical supremacy are the churches that are growing. The progressives that want to make us "relevant" to the rest of the world will destroy the Methodist church.

Scott more than 4 years ago


George's comment about "mixed fabrics" and ladies in pants was a clear reference to hypocrisy. Christians learn out the law forbidding homosexuality from the very some Old Testament that forbids garments made of a mixture of wool/linen as well as women wearing men's clothing. How is it that we ignore virtually all of the Old Testament prohibitions (lobster, crab, and pork, anyone?) while yet institutionalizing homosexuality as a sin?

George is correct. Those who scream about homosexuality while ignoring the other OT prohibitions are hypocrites.

Ben more than 4 years ago

no he is not.

There is a pretty clear difference between clothing you wear and sexual behavior. The first is ceremonial, the second is moral. The first is not binding on us, the second is. A pretty easy way to tell the difference in the OT is whether non Jews were bound by it. They did not get in trouble for violating the ceremonial laws; they did for violating moral laws.

In Christ,

the enemy hates clarity

theenemyhatesclarity more than 4 years ago


You mean relevant like the UCC, Episcopalians, PCUSA, and Disciples of Christ are relevant?

Sarah more than 4 years ago

Notable Quotes

Roshi Joan Halifax (Photo by Gay Block)“What we’re seeing today among many people is hopelessness. What we are called to do is not to be disabled by that sense of futility, but to transform our moral suffering into wise hope and courageous action.”

– Roshi Joan Halifax, an environmental activist and abbot of the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, N.M., commenting on the self-immolation of Wynn Bruce on Earth Day.

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