Church Unity Means Walking with LGBTQ Disciples



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We need to stop talking about sexuality

And start talking about what we believe about God and ourselves. We would then discover theological differences that result in very different understandings about our sexuality. As a lifelong Methodist/United Methodist of more than a few decades, I know for a fact that the Methodist/United Methodist Church does not possess a single robust understanding about anything. It is theological plurality run amuck that is killing the church and creating the impasse over sexuality. We have been "discussing sexuality" since 1972. General Conference has clearly spoken about sexuality since 1972 and nothing is resolved and the debate has escalated to the point of schism. The reason is more talk is not going to change anybody's mind about sexuality because everybody is entrenched in theological stances that lead to conflicting and contradictory understandings about sexuality. It is time to face the very painful reality that in the context of theological plurality there is no true unity. The other thing that I have learned over the last decade is that even when a church is at its best, God is bigger and greater than the church. Currently the Untied Methodist Church is not at its best because it has degenerated into competing theological factions jockeying for position and control. And that does not represent a Wesleyan understanding of either the church or the person of the truly catholic spirit.

betsy more than 1 year ago

Truth in Love

I would say someone tried to show love to this young man. However, he needed to hear truth in love, that the Bible teaches all immoral relationships are not only wrong, but undermine one's relationship with God. John Wesley did not hesitate to lead people out of darkness and into the light of Christ. Jesus lived a clean life and He's the one to follow!

Skipper more than 1 year ago

Michael is welcome

Michael is welcome to sit in a UMC pew with me and other sinners who fall short in the eyes of God. But just as my sins disqualify me from becoming an ordained minister, Michael’s position is no different. Just as Bishops who violate their oaths to live according to our BOD should be disqualified. There is no entitlement to be ordained an UMC minister or to have a gay wedding in a UMC sanctuary. If all you believe in is love and tolerance for anything and acceptance of anything and everything, your spiritual house is built on wet sand. Not to worry. You Western Conference Bishops won’t have to fret about the core beliefs of the majority of Traditionalists from the larger more evangelical conference for too terribly much longer. Either you’ll be going your own way, or we’ll be going ours. Hopefully we can cooperate on some missions of what was the UMC like disaster relief while your flourishing congregations can be responsible for fully funding your Bishops and ministers who don’t wish to abide by the BOD and left wing interest groups like Church and Society. We’ll be happy to fund our own ministers and Bishops, male and female, of all races and Nationalities, who agree to stand for something and whose spiritual house is built on the solid foundation of Holy Scripture and our BOD as determined by the Spirit-guided General Conference.

John more than 1 year ago

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