How We Can Build a United 'Way Forward'

A Perspective from an African Clergy



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Way Forward will be Exit Door for many

The current demise of the Episcopal Church gives clear vision of what is to come in the UMC. Since naming an openly lesbian bishop and allowing gay marriages, that denomination has closed hundreds of churches and spent millions in lawsuits against churches which tried to leave. So, after all the secret meetings and holy rhetoric, they will give us a plan we cannot support or legitimize and we will give them empty pews and empty plates. At the bottom line, a man's relationship with God is very personal, one-on-one, and while a church might facilitate or encourage that, the specific church is not needed. I can change churches, but God and I are constant. As the cancer of liberalism turns the UMC into something with which we cannot support, we will simply exit.

Reese Turner more than 1 year ago

Correction: UMC Doesn't Allow Gay Marriage

Editor's note: The writer implies that because Bishop Karen Oliveto is married to another woman that The United Methodist Church "allows" gay marriage. Officially, the Book of Discipline still forbids United Methodist clergy to perform same-gender marriages and bans such unions from being held in United Methodist churches, even though same-gender marriage has been declared legal in the United States by the Supreme Court.

cynthiaadmin (United Methodist Insight) more than 1 year ago

Au contrar! I understand that it exists DESPITE the Book

Editor, I do understand that gay marriages are forbidden by the Book of Discipline, but they are being done. Openly gay clergy, certainly a lesbian bishop, are forbidden, but they do exist openly. The lesbian bishop was said to be "in good standing". Oh? The purpose of the "way forward" is to find a way to change the Book, the rules and old fogies like me who will not legitimize it by supporting or attending a church that does. By the way, the Supreme Court regularly approves of things, like a wide range or porn, the rights of criminals and so on with which I do not agree and have no relevance to my Faith. The "way forward" will be an exit door for me, but you will hardly notice; my attendance is already way down and my giving has stopped. From what I read, I am not alone...

Reese Turner more than 1 year ago


Pastor Nyarota,
I appreciate your thoughts on the basic issue at hand. I am currently working through Miroslav Volf's Exclusion and Embrace again. From your perspective, how might his suggestion connect with how you see things truly moving forward? I think Bonhoeffer also holds some keys for the discussion in his theology of sociality (well said!).

Randy more than 1 year ago


Before we reconcile we must have resolution. The Way Forward commission does not seem to working toward a resolution of the fundamental differences among our various factions. They are simply seeking a way for us all to cooperate together in some manner. There will be no reconciliation. Instead we will be presented with a solution that might prevent us from spewing venom at each other.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Notable Quotes   

    "Christ told us specifically where He would be found and where we were to worship Him as Christians until He came in glory: Christ is in the people who need our help. Christ is in hungry and thirsty people; in people without adequate clothing and shelter; in people who are strangers in a strange land and people who are imprisoned. Any so-called Christianity that ignores or, God forbid, abuses such people is pernicious heresy from the pit of hell. You spit on the Body of Christ in the Chalice when you abuse Him in the body of your neighbor."

    – Mary Pezzulo, "How to Help Imprisoned Migrants," on her blog "Steel Magnificat" on


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