Large South Carolina UMC Asks to Withdraw from Denomination



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And so it begins

The exit of churches from this denomination will only increase in numbers, especially if the General Council adopts the "One Church Plan" a/k/a the "Anything Goes Plan" in February. Not a threat, but merely a prediction. The litigation costs will be staggering unless a Gracious Exit plan is adopted for whichever plan is adopted. The "Traditionalist Plan" includes such an exit plan, but the Council of Bishops knows in its heart they risk mass defections if their preferred plan is somehow adopted, so they appear to be resistant to allowing congregations to follow their consciences and leave without the risk of litigation. The trust clauses arise out of our denomination's connectionalism, a concept that becomes a sham if the "Anything Goes Plan" is adopted.

John more than 2 years ago


To whom it may concern. The United Methodist Church has already become morally bankrupt. The Bible clearly and consistently condemns the practice of homosexuality in both the Old and the New Testament of the scriptures. “We don’t want to be condemning or condoning.” Even this statement is a moral failure. We cannot feign neutrality concerning that which God has clearly spoken to. Any mixture of Truth and falsehood results in a lie. Any blending of food and poison results in death. To love God with all our mind soul heart and strength means to love what God loves and hate what God hates. If we love the homosexual we will tell them to repent and Trust the gospel. Unfortunately today many people even within Christendom have forgotten what love requires of us and have somehow accepted the falsehood that a pretty lie is preferable to an ugly truth. Grace and peace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ.

Kevin more than 1 year ago

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