Lettre ouverte aux délégués à la 15e Conférence générale de l'Église Méthodiste-Unie :



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On civilise' jamais Dieu

Il y a des conséquences graves pour l'église en Afrique et ailleurs, c'est l'extinction de l'U.M.C ...Ne protégeons pas les passions pécheresses interdites dans les saintes doctrines...pour des gains éphémères....On civilisé jamais Dieu...

Albert Masengo 182 days ago

Notable Quotes   

    "Christ told us specifically where He would be found and where we were to worship Him as Christians until He came in glory: Christ is in the people who need our help. Christ is in hungry and thirsty people; in people without adequate clothing and shelter; in people who are strangers in a strange land and people who are imprisoned. Any so-called Christianity that ignores or, God forbid, abuses such people is pernicious heresy from the pit of hell. You spit on the Body of Christ in the Chalice when you abuse Him in the body of your neighbor."

    – Mary Pezzulo, "How to Help Imprisoned Migrants," on her blog "Steel Magnificat" on Patheos.com.


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