New York Conference Aims for All-LGBTQI Delegation for 2019



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We are not safe!

I agree with the sign that makes the statement that "We Are Not Safe". In its current state of theological plurality run amuck, the United Methodist Church has a myriad of ways to disenfranchise people. I know because I have been on the receiving end and I am a white heterosexual. And my only beef with the sexuality debate is that it has been allowed to run so long that leadership is more than willing to destroy any vestiges of what identifies the United Methodist Church as a unique branch in the much larger and more diverse holy catholic/universal Church in order to accommodate those who are not willing to abide by its current structure. What a ludicrous undertaking. I knew back when I monitored GC2012 that the church was already dead--it was just too big to fall down. GC2019--complete with in your face stunts like what New York is pulling-- just may make the death official!

betsy more than 3 years ago

There's "Dog Whistles" and there's "Bull Horns" and New York is blowing the latter!

That should do it: a fully "All-LGBTQI Delegation for 2019" from New York should a thermo-nuclear signal that the UMC is DOA and the rest of us better Go-Go-Go PDQ! No need for neon, the message is clear: "one church" is less likely than "world peace". Somebody stay late to turn out the lights, O.K.?

Reese more than 3 years ago

Don't let the door hit you

Where the Good Lord split ya.

Sounds good. If the right-wing Methodists would leave it'd be a great blessing. That they would whine about leaving over something like this is solid evidence we are better off without them.

But where would they go? There's no more Rhodesia or apartheid state in South Africa. Perhaps Putin's prefecture, near Irkutsk, maybe?

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

Why not "vote" for who keeps the "Methodist Church" say it would be a blessing if the right-wing Methodists would leave. Why not have a vote of all United Methodists worldwide...every member gets a vote...and see who keeps the "Methodist Church" and who leaves. I may be wrong, but I think that those that want LGBTQ in the clergy and the discipline to allow same sex marriage is in the minority. It would be interesting who should stay and who should go find another church home. I personally think that if there is a large group of people and a small minority want something different it should be the minority that should go elsewhere...but I may be wrong about the entire church membership, and only a true vote of all members would answer that question. Have a blessed day.

James more than 3 years ago

Who gets to redefine sin?

Where in the Bible does it say that man has the power to redefine sin? Homosexuality is a sin. It is clear both in the Old and New Testaments. In both Mark 7 and Matthew 15 Jesus lists the things that are sinful. He includes adultery and sexual immorality/fornication. But Jesus also showed us how to deal compassionately with those involved in sexual sin. In John 8, after scattering the crowd looking to stone the adulteress, Jesus told the woman that he would not condemn her, but she was to "go and sin no more". We can gracefully embrace those committing sexual sin, but we must not celebrate such sin as virtue. We humans lack the authority to do so.

Your equating the traditional Biblical interpretation of homosexuality with racism and/or white supremacy seems little more than an Alinskyite means to smear folks not holding your political position. Besides being petty, it's hardly a means of convincing others of the propriety of your position.

Your position may prevail at February's General Conference. If it does, what is left won't be a Christian Church. It'll be something, but not reflective of the Gospel and the Bible in toto.

Michael Lubes more than 3 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions, but I'm waiting for my local Methodist Church to declare

It will leave the UMC and unify with other traditional Methodists in a new traditional Methodist denomination. I will resume my financial support after that split is complete. I hear I'm not alone. I read the UMC is over $700,000 underwater this budget year and February's brawl will likely exacerbate the short-fall. Then, after the split, who will pay the bills? Google the demise of the Episcopal Church. Reality: "Forward by Faith" must be funded by U.S. currency.

Reese more than 3 years ago

Reply to George

George your response is so full of hate and venom. I suggest you withdraw from the debate and spend some time in scripture and prayer. Neither side needs to engage in this type of hatred. We may not be able to live together, but we can share the same country in peace and mutual respect.

Scott more than 3 years ago

Notable Quotes

“The present proposed divorce in the UMC is not about sexual morality or justice and inclusion. It is about who is in charge. The 2019 Special Called General Conference gave the ‘traditionalists’ everything they wanted regarding gay weddings and ordinations. But they are still leaving. ... Splitting the church is never about anything but who holds authority.”

– C. Don Jones, “Forgiveness and The Future Schism (Part 1)” from his blog "Glorious Life" on

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