Way Forward Commissioners Star at ‘Uniting Methodists’ Conference

Gathering Brings 'Hope and Hard Conversations'



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All Talk, No Action

The Way Forward Commission talks and prays - for years - while GLBT people die and/or are murdered.

People, we don't have time to talk. Act like Christ: Love the GLBT community. Get over yourselves and your hatred!

Ben more than 3 years ago

Wesley mat have abhorred schism

But that did not prevent him form leaving the Fetter's Lane Society and set up shop at the Foundry because of theological disagreements.

Also, although Wesley was a strong believer in personal conscience, he believed that scripture was the ultimate test of whether or not a person's conscience was on the right track. But wait, we do not even agree what scripture says! So, let's just throw out any restrictions and everybody is allowed to think and let think--an attitude that has been pervasive in the denomination for almost a century. For right at half of that time, the denomination has experienced uninterrupted numerical decline that, according to a video on the Uniting Methodists website, has the potential to make the denomination disappear altogether!

David Watson of United Seminary sums up our problems very well with this statement: "The problem is that we lack not only a common vision for the church, but a common vision of the church. Put differently, it’s not just that we disagree over what the church should do. Rather, we disagree over what it means to be a church. I have insisted in the past, and will continue to do so, that the church is, among other things, a moral community. We have to make decisions—as a community—over our standards of right and wrong. Disagreement among our ranks doesn’t change this. When there is disagreement, we have methods of resolution. In fact, every church has methods of resolving disagreement because, without these, unity is impossible. Our decision-making processes in the church, our ways of resolving disagreement, are instruments of unity. Once we abandon these instruments unity becomes impossible. Our recent denominational history bespeaks as much." https://davidfwatson.me/2017/11/14/lets-make-a-deal-umc-style/

Bottom line, there is no unity, without common beliefs and vision; something The Uniting Methodists obviously do not understand and the American branch of The UMC has not experienced for a very long time.

Betsy more than 3 years ago

Notable Quotes 

Jim Winkler, general secretary, National Council of Churches USA (NCC Photo)"Public and sometimes violent acts of racism, white Christian nationalism, anti-immigrant attitudes and xenophobia, along with rising incidents of anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim and other forms of religious bigotry sometimes committed in the name of Christianity, have created an urgency for the churches and the broader culture to recognize the imperative of interreligious engagement for peace-making locally, nationally, and globally."

– United Methodist layman Jim Winkler, top executive of the National Council of Churches USA, in a speech to International Religious Freedom and Peace Conference sponsored by the Mother See of Holy Etchmidzian in Armenia.


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