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Age span of commission memberd

How old is the youngest member on this commission? On the Council of Bishops? I am concerned with lack of youthful voices.

Sandra Gerhardt more than 3 years ago

Christianity and marriage

It may come as a shock to many, but Christianity did not involve itself in marriage for its first thousand years. Being single was considered the more holy lifestyle. I invite people to do a little historical research. About the same time as marriage ceremonies appeared, there were also liturgies for joining two men. What these represented is highly debated, but they did exist in both the Greek and Latin churches---we have the actual texts.

While I wish the Methodist Church well, I suspect all proposals to the forthcoming conference will be rejected and the debate will continue.

David more than 3 years ago

Stop! The issues are Non-Negotiable

The three alternatives given here all lead to the same place: no peace in the UMC. Option 1 has been the choice for 40 years. It has evolved to the point now where the rules are ignored while the Judicial Council cowers, or issues a complaint that is ignored. Option 2, "Make your own rules" (contextualization), will confuse and frustrate everybody; traditional churches will feel isolated in new-age conferences and vice-versa. New-age members will feel isolated in traditional churches and vice-versa. . And, will result in the disaster which has come to the Episcopal Church which, in effect, chose Option 3 14 years ago: a precipitous drop in membership, hundreds of closed churches and MILLIONS in lawsuits. Option 3? You're kidding, right? Its the same as #2. Few will accept shared management at the top (why subsidize management you don't agree with?) How about trying some old fashioned honesty and common sense? Admit that the positions are non-negotiable, that there is not a compromise that would halt the upheaval. Let's start mapping an amicable and organized split - completely, totally and forever. No more wars. No more debate of issues that are non-negotiable.

Reese more than 3 years ago


Note opening image: Incredible that all three LGBT hate-espousing proposals are presented by smiling people standing in front of "First: Do no harm."

Ben more than 3 years ago

This article represents the core problem

The church has degenerated into competing and conflicting factions all determined that GC2019 will put forth an answer that falls in line with what each faction believes. As passionately as you believe that God endorses same gender relationships, I passionately believe that God's plan for marriage is one man and one woman. And just for the record, I run an antique mall and I treat every customer with courtesy and respect regardless of what I suspect about their sexual orientation. I can do that because at my core, although I disagree with their understanding, I respect their right to have a different understanding than I do. But our conflicting views rule out the possibility that we can be part of the same church because we are on completely different paths of understanding when it comes to what God's expectations are for us in this life.

Betsy more than 3 years ago

Notable Quotes

"So much of American Christianity is tightly wrapped up with control, nationalism, xenophobia, and racism that folks are walking away .... So conservatives hunker down and shut out questions and despise doubt. What is actually needed are faith communities that provide safe space for questions and doubt, that recognize them as an important part of growth, that show love no matter what."

– The Rev. Charlie Baber, "Wesley Bros: Old Arguments, Same Story"

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