Getting Out of Our Own Way Toward Becoming a Global Church



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Following Christ

The Progressive Sexuality Movement has moved away from following Christ by saying a life of debauchery can please God. It cannot. It causes a broken relationship with God. If you have the love of God in your heart, you will live as Jesus taught. It's just that simple!

Skipper Anding more than 5 years ago

It is Satan's corruption, not God's design

'[The] presence of the verses in Leviticus 18 and 20 condemning “men sleeping with men as if with women” are, in and of themselves, proof that homosexuality has existed for at least 2,900 years. That is testimony that homosexuality is part of the way God created mammals.'

No, it is NOT part of the way God created mammals, it is part of Satan's corruption of God's creation.

"From the beginning God made them male and female."

All else is corruption.

Jack Scheible more than 5 years ago

The proposal seems interesting

Perhaps if the author could find some way to wean Africans off right-wing money. this'd work. Unless however that is replaced by money from another source, it's more likely this stasis will continue. I believe however the author oversimplifies African sexual mores. Like Hispanic workers in the Southwest U.S. which may have a wife or a girlfriend in Dallas as well as one back in Jalisco and children by both, African migrant laborers often do the same, just as the men who built King Solomon's temple did. And human nature being what it is, and news of one's loved ones sojourning in foreign lands is still often few and far between some of the women left behind take lovers. Such was regarded as normal life by the ancient matriarchical cultures. Essentially what Griffin is advocating here is the equivalent of the old missionary telling the plucky and mostly scantily-clad Third World Peoples to wear Western clothes. I think most can see this is not going to work. Imperialism is often cloaked in lofty words about the well-being of indigenous people. Enabling pecksniffs and wowsers to enforce Westernization is just another form of imperialism and cloaking it in this sort of language is no less insidious. The contemptuous language toward the average Africans who do not follow the elite's restrictions is shameful. Polygamy thrives because money is power and like the Congolese local chieftain in Barbara Kingsolver's novel about a missionary family, "The Poisonwood Bible," when asked by the missionary to give up his multiple wives, he replies, "What kind of chief would I be for my people if showed that I could only support one wife?" Empowerment of women is the better option compared to enabling wowserism and Comstockery.

George Nixon Shuler more than 5 years ago