Bishop Johnson Explains Impact of Judicial Council Ruling



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In the eyes of those who remember Bishop Johnson's recent history in the Eastern PA Conference, her words have already come back to haunt her:
"How will future generations look at us when they reflect on our actions and decisions? Were we loving? Was this necessary? Were we kind to each other?"
This was the bishop who was so very good at hand-wringing while she could find no other option than to escalate the complaint against Rev. Franklyn Schaefer to a full-scale church trial that set her annual conference back by an estimated $100,000.
This was the bishop who allowed the Traditionalists to score a hands-down victory after a legal battle that resulted in defrocking Rev. Schaeffer for officiating at his gay son's wedding--to unanimous scorn in the press and much indignation in Methodist pews.
This was the bishop who saw the conflict over the penalty imposed by the trial court escalate all the way to a ruling by the Judicial Council--while she wrung her hands every step of the way (as you can see on YouTube).
This was the bishop who inspired the late Bishop Martin McLee to declare "No more church trials!" in his New York Annual Conference. Clearly he saw something she couldn't see clearly.
This was the bishop who inspired 36 of the clergy in her conference to defy the Book of Discipline by performing a gay wedding in Philadelphia as a direct protest of her leadership in Rev. Schaeffer's trial and defrocking, putting their credentials at risk by inviting 36 more church trials. Clearly they saw something she couldn't see clearly.
This was the bishop who inspired Bishop Minerva Carcaño in the Western Jurisdiction to invite the defrocked Mr. Schaeffer to take a job in Southern California and, having been refrocked, to transfer to her annual conference. Clearly Bishop Carcaño saw something Bishop Johnson couldn't see clearly.
Now, as Bishop Johnson (of all people) speaks out to define for all United Methodist clergy exactly how the Traditionalist Plan cracks the whip over all of our heads, I look back at her track record and ask her question: "Was this necessary?"
You decide, Bishop. That's part of your job.

Wayne more than 2 years ago

Selective application

I admit that I've only recently began to pay close attention to this debate so have not researched Bishop Johnson's history. But if I delve into Wayne's vitrol, it appears that here is a Bishop that was honoring her vow to uphold the BoD? As someone who is in agreement with the Traditional Plan (which IMO would have not been necessary if more of the UMC Bishops had acted with similar integrity) I don't see her actions as "a slam dunk victory" because this isn't some game. This is about following God.
I'm always astonished that liberals are all about "God is love" except when someone doesn't agree with their world view.

Virginia more than 2 years ago


Nono, God IS love. God doesn't just love white people and hetero-sexuals and Methodists. And it's not a game. Homosexuals friends, families, people are fighting for rights that heterosexuals take for granted and then the same heterosexual people don't understand what the big deal is. Educate yourself. Pay attention. Maybe re-read some of Jesus' teachings.

Moonzie more than 2 years ago