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More proof, that now is the time

There is obviously no resolution that will include staying together. It is futile, please tell the bishops and governing bodies so that they may stop holding secret meetings, to yet again try to get the Methodists to stay together. It is a moot point at this time. A much better use of time and our money, which we, the everyday lay Methodists are funding with millions, would be to start determining how the split will occur and how it will look and be fair to all involved. Their credibility is gone, pardon the bishops that have stayed true to the discipline and Biblical teachings. If this hasn't proved that we cannot and will not stay together, then I suggest removing those who will not uphold the vows they took. Everyone on both sides are sick of this infinite fighting over what will NEVER be agreed upon by traditionalists and progressives. There is no witness for Christ for either side in this disaster!

Tracy more than 2 years ago