Connectional Table Ponders Post-GC2019 Role



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Connection table

Looks like it should be renamed the Disconnection Table. If they really had a role the Commission on the Way Forward would have engaged them. Disband this useless forum.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

connectional table

I don't see a vast left wing conspiracy stacking the connectional table deck with left wing lackeys. I do see a group statistically and dramatically unreflective of the global church they are supposed to represent. And it has showed clearly and painfully in several of their well-intended but off-the-rails efforts such as pushing to revise the process for the GC2016 approach to sexuality discussions, and especially the perceived imbalance among presenters at various listening sessions held on sexuality prior to 2016. A good question for this and numerous other aspects of existing church structure...if it vanished tomorrow, who would know, how would they know, and what clearly and large-scaled adverse outcome would occur? Straight questions that secular organizations (that strive for health) consistently ask.

bob more than 2 years ago

Four possible solutions

This post contains 4 possible solutions. One is more fighting and chaos. One is a retread of the ccp. One is to resurrect the already defeated us central conference. These show how far the connectional table is out of touch. Traditionalists and especially those in the central conferences will never settle for these. A complete split is now the only workable and peaceful solution. The connections table is trying to save their skin and those of our many progressive agencies. Leaders from both sides have stepped up and we will know what they propose by fall. In the meantime hold them up in prayer, have a great Easter, and have fun this summer.

Scott more than 2 years ago

The Connectional Table is part of the problem, not the solution.

The CT has never been representative of the church and has always been stacked with progressives and institutionalists. Their inputs for previous GC's has done far far greater harm than good since they are so far out of step with the views of those in the pews. The best thing they could do for the UMC is to disband and avoid causing further harm.

Paul W. more than 2 years ago