Post-GC2019 Conversation Shifts to Traditionalist Bloggers



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Please get honest

"and increasing animosity from Traditionalists over American resistance." And if the One Church Plan had passed, there would be no animosity because of resistance by Traditionalists? Without allowing for gracious exit for those who disagreed with whatever decision was made, there was no plan to be had that would not have produced resistance and animosity. The only unknown during this whole process was who was going to be in which role.

betsy more than 2 years ago

Agree with me or I leave

Let me get this straight. You only want to remain a Methodist if everyone agrees with you. What kind of church would this be? It is my way or the highway.

Joe Smutts more than 2 years ago

"Fake news" actually exists

Jeremy Smith did NOT report any vote by the Baltic and Nordic Central Conference to reject the Traditional Plan. Although his headline claims there was such, the details in his posting provide a very different story. It seems that 88 professing members have presented proposed legislation to the Norwegian Annual Conference that, if approved, would establish a committee to investigate courses of action that would be contrary to the decisions of GC2019. The Norwegian AC will meet in June. A petition supporting the legislation has 135 names so far (out of 4,150 total professing members in a conference serving 11,500). No matter how convoluted the thought process, there's no possible way to conclude that the Norwegian AC has decided anything, much less the larger Central Conference.

While your own description of Dr. Kulah's letter, especially his use of capitalization, emphasizes the negative reaction of readers based on "Internet culture," it would be helpful to know whether the "cultural protocol" regarding capitalization is limited to Western Culture--or even whether he wrote it on a phone or other device that has no other means of emphasizing selected text. Not trying to sound picky, but given all that could have been said about the actual content of his communication, a focus on capitalization seems rather trite.

John more than 2 years ago