Some Traditionalists Find Outcome of General Conference Bittersweet



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It is time...

It is time to stop trying to hold the broken Methodist family together. As a traditionalist, I am tired of all the mean spirited rhetoric that the is being falsely spread about us. I dare say if the one church plan has somehow passed, they would be celebrating and continue to be condescending to everyone who does not share their views. If you do not give to God's ministry in love, then it is best to not. I cannot believe that some are being so petty that they are, in a sense trying to starve out and make others go against their conscience just to get their way. The highest Methodist group has ruled, and if it isn't your way and you cannot live with it, then it is most definitely time to go our separate ways. As long as we stay together, there will always be a battle and very little done in the ministry. We must find a way to go forward apart from each other. I am deeply saddened and embarrassed at the treatment and harsh words that are being said to our brothers and sisters in Christ in other countries. In case some have forgotten, the whole world doesn't revolve around what the United States wants.

Tracy more than 2 years ago

I would certainly challenge you to put up or shur up

..about this assertion: "mean spirited rhetoric that the is being falsely spread about us." I would submit what is reported about your extreme faction is simply truth is labeling. If:

1. You believe we should not perform same sex marriage and honor these Brothers and Sisters
2. You believe we should not ordain LGB Clergy
3. You therefore possess a bigotry against these Brothers and Sisters.
4. This is merely Logic 101. It is not mean spirited whatsoever. It is simply truth in labeling.

Furthermore if you ally yourself with the right wing factions within the UMC and the satraps like IRD, and snake oil salesmen like Renfroe and Lambrect, you are a foot soldier in an Army of oppression. This is not mean spirited at all. It is merely truth in labeling.

If you object to truth in labeling, change your reprehensible behavior.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago


Merriam-Webster says the definition of bigotry is: obstinate or intolerant devotion to one's own opinions and prejudices. I'm hoping that the hateful way your comment reads is due to the lack of nuance in electronic communication but fear, given other liberals comments, that it is a relevation of your own bigotry. It is so sad.

Anon more than 2 years ago