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I am a lifelong Methodist/Untied Methodist

And I did not even know the quadrilateral existed until a few years ago. Shortly after I learned of its existence, I learned that the person who invented it, Albert Outler, came to regret that he ever did such a thing because it was so used and abused.

betsy more than 2 years ago

The church you love

You "fell in love" with a church that had clear provisions that prevented people from being fully included in church activities due to their gender identity. Why?

Dave more than 2 years ago

Why fall in love

I too fell in love with a denomination that didn't live up to the value system it proclaimed. But there was a legislative system and pastors out there fighting for the forgotten and the abused so it was worth fighting. There are some Christian who feel that you fall in line. Now these are the same Christians who have not problem having a beer or other drink or smoking despite the Discipline saying no to it. There are many Christians having sex outside of marriage on Saturday and taking communion on Sunday. Yet...nothing. But the Church has drawn arbitrary lines so as to shun others. Interesting

Eric more than 2 years ago

Methodists have changed

I was a bit shocked seeing people dancing at GC2019. I know that the old restrictions against all sorts of "amusements" had been lifted in the early 1900s, but this was unexpected. The music was also quite different from what I experienced 60 years ago. The Ocean Grove, NJ, Camp Meeting went event further in its rules. The reading of novels was prohibited and the chewing of gum, a mostly female activity at the time, was deemed too similar to chewing tobacco. Of course, alcohol was prohibited with inspectors checking arriving parcels. It is recorded that all sorts of stratagems were used to evade this. What was taken so seriously in years past is now a source of levity. Present day actions may end up the same.

David more than 2 years ago