Another Step of Fragmentation



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Another Step of Fragmentation

40 years focused on the LGBT, energy, money, time, effort, conferences and General Assemblies--and people wonder why the UMC is dwindling? There seems to be only one group of people the UMC is concerned about. And don't tell me, that's a lie, I've been reading and watching for years. So I can't help but agree. Stop pretending, the LGBT will, as they have done to other denominations already, either get their way or destroy the institution in question. This is not the first, nor their last, just another notch on their belt.

Dave more than 6 years ago

You nay be surprised to know...

...the side advocating full inclusion of LGBT brothers and sisters is not composed solely of LGBTs and I doubt it composes more than a third of those so inclined. The bulk of the advocates of such a change are solely heterosexual, as am I. Blaming the victims of oppression for fighting it is seldom a successful strategy. Others prejudiced against LGBTs will read your comment and claim they know it is correct, but the facts show otherwise.

George Nixon Shuler more than 6 years ago

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