Bishops Begin Meeting in 'Chaotic Moment'



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“Discussions not open to public” really sums it up, doesn’t it?

So, the One Church Plan, concocted and discussed in private, was a complete waste of time and money. Now the bishops, in their infinite wisdom, are using the same formula for deciding what to do next? Listen, bishops, you don’t have another two years to figure it out; your church is in revolution. Don't you read the many articles at um-insight? We do!
Why not just accept that there is no “way forward” and start working with all factions to find the best way out? Why waste time in secret meetings when the reality of the situation is no secret? Why waste a minute or a penny talking to the Episcopal Church about any overall working agreement when a probable majority of your own dwindling membership (non-progressives) has no interest?
Look. It’s over. UMC as is has no future. Deal with it.

Reese more than 2 years ago

Chaotic moment

Poor Bishop Carter. He does not know what to do. The Bishops had their chance and totally blew it. Now there are conversations between Traditionalists and Progressives about how to split the church and he is not part of that. "Carter, who also leads the Florida Conference, told United Methodist News Service that the bishops need to “accompany those conversations, not control them.”
He is begging to be let in. Sorry but the bishops can add no value to the discussions. There are people with clarity of vision on both sides who know what needs to be done. Enjoy your meeting. Have your dinners. Let those with actual solutions work this out.

Kevin more than 2 years ago

Unity no, Splittingyes

The bishops did not listen to the majority and were intent on pushing the OCP on us and we saw how that worked out. Hopefully they will realize that the two factions don’t want to worship together nor do we want to be associated with each other, in any capacity under the UMC banner.

Steve more than 2 years ago

I think there are options

I think that it's clear that we are not 'One Church'.

I think that the discussions around 'multiple expressions of Methodism' can bear wonderful fruit. If we were aligned properly, well ordered and able to work on common goals - while having different administrative structures - I think that we can find room to be connected. It's not where we have been, but it's possible. It's a logical step in further decentralization.

JR more than 2 years ago