It May Help the #UMC If We Stop Lying About One Another



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thank you..

very balanced

pamela more than 7 years ago

Pack of Wild Dogs with a Rotten Bonr

A lie does not become truth- wrong does not become right- evil does not become good- just because it's accepted by a majority. Quoting percentages of approval of Americans who approve of same sex marriage just does not matter. That is a secular issue OF THIS WORLD. Scripture says we are to be IN this world, not OF this world. Popular approval of a Babylonian sin does not make it right. Especially the effort of "liberal progressives" who twist and revise scripture to made themselves feel better. Many also claim to ignore Wesley's scriptural commentaries by saying he is no longer relevant. If they believe that to be true, then leave and go to an established church that had already accepted your twisted views. Leave my church, my parents's church, my grandparents' church, my great-grandparents' church alone.

Catherine more than 7 years ago

Would you say the same

to those who opposed slavery? No doubt slavery's defenders did. "A Babyonian sin"? Really? That's a patently ridiculous notion. Marriage for the sake of love is a quite recent innovation. Wesley opposed victimization of others. United Methodists should as well.

George Nixon Shuler more than 7 years ago