African Bishops Oppose Separation Plans



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Who says Christianity is not exciting?

Who needs wrestling when global ideologies began clashing head on! This is an epic battle of Biblical proportions that has been building for decades. Right now, there is a better chance of the numerical decline making the denomination moot point before this is ever resolved.

betsy more than 2 years ago

African Bishops can't have it both ways

African bishops don't want to be seen as 'second-class citizens' and have Tom Lambrecht & Co. telling their GC delegates how to vote--although that's exactly what happened @ GC 2019 and previously. They insist on 'self-determination' and a United Methodist Church that supports their views on human sexuality--but when they got that @ GC 2019, they failed to reckon with the backlash of most American United Methodists who don't want Africans and a conservative minority calling the shots.

They insist on their own 'self-determination', but they don't and won't like it when Americans insist on their own 'self-determination' rather than being African pawns.

With an emerging African majority in the global UMC, of course they want to call the tune in a global power struggle. That's a form of 'reverse colonialism' when at last they get a taste of power and prestige and hanker for more--particularly when they get to call the American church on its moral lapses into degeneracy.

African bishops who are insisting on an African context for being the church have forgotten that they are bishops of the whole church. When they try to throw their cultural weight around and even threaten to walk out of a Council of Bishops meeting if they don't get their way, they're operating out of political reductionism. That makes them look slightly silly when it's so easy to see behind their posturing. Not a good move for a bishop.

African bishops would have more credibility if they clean up their act, stop threatening dissident GC delegates who fear reprisals for voting their conscience, and end fiscal shenanigans like those documented in the case of East Africa Area Bishop Daniel Wandabula.

If they want to participate in the global conversation about the future of United Methodism, the African bishops need to stop focusing on interacting with the Pied Pipers of the Lambrecht, Renfroe, Lomperis, and Boyette coalition and realize that those guys are the instigators of United Methodist dissolution, NOT the advocates of denominational unity.

In fact, Lambrecht and Boyette want out now. They want to set up their separate denomination and take the Central Conferences with them, principally to justify Robb-ing the Methodist Bank of as many dollars as they can justify squeezing from the reserves of our general boards and agencies, starting with 50% as a negotiating tactic (see the 'Indy Plan').

African bishops need to wake up and smell their Traditionalist coffee before they swallow it whole and then discover a badly burnt taste in their mouths.

Wayne more than 2 years ago

So much for the UMC witness

Bishops keep talking about! When push comes to shove we are all colonialists fighting for our turf. As a result everybody will know us for our lack of love for each other and our concern for who gets the biggest piece of the financial pie that the UMC has become! It always becomes about money and power--even within the church! It was a badly handled power struggle between leadership and traditionalists that was full of missteps, miscalculations and underestimations by everybody concerned that has created the current stand off. Luckily we have a God who is above all this and His redemptive truths stand firm.

betsy more than 2 years ago