Conferences Await Decision on Disaffiliation

Withholding Apportionments Weighs Heavily on Year's End



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Dragging toward Gomorrah

Keep dragging. The traditionalists will walk off and leave you with old, uninsured, churches needing repair.

Lots of empty spaces to rent without the UMC over lording liberals.

Richard F Hicks more than 1 year ago

Withoholding apportionments

Funny that in option 2, withholding denominational portions is akin to the "line item veto", and not allowed according to the BOD. And it is an argument by these conferences that the global denomination and leadership should understand. Anyone ever consider that maybe the global denomination wants this failing leadership to understand the BOD is based on scripture as they believe it is and should not be a pick and choose sort of thing?

Richard more than 1 year ago