Mainstream UMC Holding Survey on UMC's Future



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This is 2019

The UMC should come, kicking and screaming, if necessary into the 21 st Century.
We are not living in 1819, or even 1919, it is 2019 and we KNOW that being LBGT is a matter of someone's birth, similar to their eye color or adult height, all determined at the time we are born.

Carla and Robert more than 2 years ago

Survey by Mainstream UMC

About as accurate as a CNN 2016 presidential poll, right? Wonder if they can pervert their methodology as well as the left-wing press?
Carla and Robert, Hate to throw cold water on your oversimplified left wing zealotry, but let’s be intellectually serious and honest: there are still many mysteries surrounding sexual orientation. Beside that point, the critical question for the church essentially is this: whether or not—or where—we have the authority to overthrow thousands of years of scriptural and traditional precedent by the granting of sacramental approval to same sex marriage on an equal level of integrity as traditional marriage. Moreover, aside from the issue of same-sex attraction as a phenomenon of the human condition, what gives the church scriptural and traditional support for endorsing and encouraging same-sex sexual practice? Where’s the precedent? hopefully your response has more gravitas than simply whining, “we just need to get pulled into the 21st century!” Sorry. Not a good enough reason for thoughtful people of committed Christian faith.

Paula more than 2 years ago

we DON'T know

What determines at birth later self-identity as LGBT? We know that eye color is genetically determined, height is largely determined by genetics. But there's just nothing conclusive about whether sexual orientation is determined by genetics, environment, psycho-social factors, or some combination of those or other factors.

John more than 2 years ago