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Blind to your biases

Just imagine being a theological conservative serving under this bishop. She says she won't discriminate against you for your beliefs (which represent the majority view of worldwide United Methodists by the way) right after stating that your beliefs are un-Christian and must be resisted! The bishop needs to quit with the weasel words, show some integrity, and step down since she has disdain for her employer, or, failing that, at the very least stop the "resist" rhetoric and instead actively work for a quick amicable separation from those she so clearly disdains.

Paul W. more than 2 years ago


What I read in this article is disdain and disrespect for anyone who disagrees with the extremely progressive viewpoint of the author. The current intolerance in the UMC is the progressives against the majority of the GC that voted against OCP. And it continues under the leadership of bishops and Adam Hamilton, who rarely misses an opportunity to take swipes at those who did not support his baby, OCP.

tim claus more than 2 years ago