Short Takes on the UMC's Future Plans



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Not that branch of UMC!

That will be the response when trying to explain the tenants of our denomination if that gets through. I mean will be splintered without officially splintering. We need to be bowing to the biblical teachings of the bible like the BOD does and bring our errant brothers and sisters back into communion with right thinking of what God has laid down for us.

Brian Evers more than 2 years ago

Homosexuality and UMC

I have submitted to the 2020 United Methodist General Conference a petition to eliminate all language on homosexuality and allow for local option. Please send me an e-mail address I can use to send you the petition as an attachment.

Howard Hallman 301 216-5331 more than 2 years ago


Attachments and story ideas may be sent to Thank you.

John Astle (United Methodist Insight) more than 2 years ago