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State of the UMC in 1000 Words, Part 3

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"Progressives are trying to avoid the fate of other sister mainline denominations that turned into smaller, like-minded traditions–that continue to affect change and grow disciples, to be sure, but no longer shape culture through people power and political influence. A more inclusive and just United Methodism continues to be that preferred future for most."


No, not so much. I would argue that most adults would guess that much of what both sides have been fighting over like the full inclusion of LGBTQ brothers and sisters and others have been going on for decades and that many of these servants have had successful pastorates and ministries. Most saints in the pews know that everyone else including themselves is flawed and sin cracked vessels that need grace.

I challenge you to go outside and look up and down the street assuming you live on one or the next time you go into town look at all the people. If you could SEE their inner selves you would never go outside again. We KNOW our inner selves and yet we tolerate the mess we have made of nice selves.

The Jesus movement doesn't have a side. It flows like and grows and bears fruit. Most adults assume that people can handle their own lives. I am sure there were sinful people in the Church I grew up in. I know that there were LGBTQ people in our congregation. And you know what, I knew all of these people loved me and supported me and cared for me. They shaped me, made me meals, and listened to the opinions of a child. I didn't care about their sin because the Bible says we all sin but that it's covered by the unrelenting, ever-flowing blood of Jesus. And I believe, that's enough.

I don't need humans on either side to interpret that unselfish love for me.

Ultimately...again...both progressives and traditionalists committed to their political causes will cleave away and schism to their new denominations whether we give them money and property or not. It will leave the vast majority who are focused on Christ alone behind to continue. To continue to love each other, to continue to live in community, to continue to our important mission of making disciples all over the world.

We will have sin in the Church...that's why Jesus came to cover it all. God only sees us through Jesus' blood, not our works, not our piety, not our holiness but through the blood of Jesus.
We will always have people around us who don't live how we live...that's why Jesus came to demonstrate how to be in a community despite this.
Thank God we have a savior who covers all our sins.
Thank God we share a single table.
Thank our God who despite ourselves continues to love us and has patience for us and accepts us ALL unconditionally.

We can move forward if we forget ourselves and look to Christ. I hope for unity. I hope love wins.
God doesn't take sides. God can't because God is being itself

Eric 133 days ago