The Art of the Deal: Understanding the Plan of Separation for the United Methodist Church



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The Art of the Negotiated Holdup

Remember bank robber Willie Sutton? When asked why he robbed banks, he famously answered, “Because that’s where the money is!”
Well, we all know exactly where the money is, including the Rev. Keith Boyette. And it ain’t (yet) in the WCA’s account.
So that’s exactly why the text of the FAQs reads:
“Thirteen million dollars of the sum represents a contribution from the post-separation Traditional Methodist Denomination, made possible by their decision to forego receiving these funds and instead contribute them for this purpose.”
How generous of those guys!
They’re ‘diverting’ a cool $13 million bucks that they don’t possess from funds they think they could squeeze outa this negotiated holdup to benefit some of the ethnic/minority Methodist causes they (and we) like.
It’s all part of the Art of the Deal, folks.
So yeah, these guys are promising to leave us alone and not come back with highly paid lawyers for another trip to the vault, all for a cool $37 million out of our predictably reduced future contributions.
So at least it’s NOT their original demand of HALF of all United Methodist assets!
And at least the lawyer/mediator who managed this deal pro bono kept the cash payoff out of other lawyers’ pockets. And may have avoided protracted litigation.
I personally would hate to reward Keith Boyette, Esq. with a single nickel for his documented disloyalty to the United Methodist Church.
But some deals you gotta take as the least horrible likely outcome of a negotiated holdup.
As they say, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

Wayne 218 days ago

Conservatives asked for it.

If the conservative wing of the UMC is complaining that that are getting the short end of the deal, let's not forget that it was they who initiated this to begin with. Bishop Yambuso from Sierra Leone whipped everyone up into a frenzy about the LGBTQ issue to begin with because 99% of African countries have outlawed being gay. While I am not gay, I do support the "live and let live" attitude which is what Jesus preached in the NT. I believe it is hypocritical to use the OT when it is convenient. IMHO, it is way too early to start wringing hands and wagging tongues decrying that the Methodist Church is being destroyed by progressives. If anything, it is being held back by people with attitudes that are old and out of touch with modern society.

Scott Sossaman 219 days ago

Here's a Thought

Instead of disparaging Traditionalists (as you did in your posting), why don't you let them live and let live as you proclaim. Quit the fighting!

Dave 218 days ago

Splitting the baby . . .

Wayne, Scott

I couldn’t disagree with you any more of anything either of you wrote. The essence of me wants to address each of your misguided points - one by one. But I realize it would do no good. Secularists such as your ilk, have no understanding of the truth, only in buying into the progressive agenda espoused by Man’s words, not God’s words.

Let us all instead just congratulate those who had the courage and wisdom of Solomon to not split the baby with further bickering..Note the OT reference which is still applicable.

After 3+ years of not attending a UMC service due to the lack of Biblical content, and a hyper-focus on social justice issues which I greatly disagree with, I look forward to joining the new Traditionalist Methodist church and getting on to fulfilling the Great Commission.

May God Bless us, one and all.

Steve 218 days ago

The Art of the Deal??

My question is why the plan favors the liberal side of the isle to begin with? At the last General Conference the majority stayed with the traditional plan. It seems to me that the Pro LGBT group should be allowed to pull out and secure the (unreasonable) 57% vote. The majority is being treated as the minority in this plan. It is not a matter of discrimination. It's a matter of following God's word!

William Joseph 219 days ago

You Are Absolutely Right!!

Why should conservatives have to form a new denomination? Will our African and SE Asian brothers and sisters have to join this new conservative denomination? It is absolutely crazy that the conservatives have sold out to the progressives on this issue......perhaps a plague on both their houses as my old O.T. Professor used to intone.

Rev. Terry L. Tilton 219 days ago

Standing on the Promises

I could not agree more. The vote at the Special General Conference appears to mean nothing. The pro LBGT group should be required to leave the denomination and establish their "church". The words of scripture are very clear regarding making disciples for Christ .. not by conforming to the current culture. Stand on the Word of God and do not allow the minority to rule. God will surely refrain from grace until we return to Him.

Rusell Follmann 216 days ago

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