The Shakedown in The United Methodist Church



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"A Settlement?"

What do you mean the "victims" didn't receive a settlement, they are receiving the denomination. I thought you wrote that the Traditionalists were largely outnumbered in the United States??? If that's the case, seems like the traditionalists are the "victims," taking a relatively small sum of money from a denomination rumored to be worth upwards of billion, if you include all the assets and property. Yet, the liberals (worldwide minority) get to inherit all of that wealth, but still claim to be the "victims." Give me a break, the purpose of all of this was to break the traditionalists and force them into churches that go against their beliefs. That's the only reason I can think of that you would claim to be a victim while inheriting the UMC.

Daniel more than 1 year ago


Amen Brother

Steve brown more than 1 year ago

Real history

It's fascinating that the authors of this article do not realize that it was evangelicals and holiness Methodists who were against both racism and sexism in the church. The UMC was WELL behind it's holiness Methodist brethren in ordaining women, and it took the more conservative EUB churches to push the elimination of the Central Jurisdiction to the finish line. I would recommend some study into the history of the evangelical tradition within Wesleyan circles for both writers.

Matthew more than 1 year ago

I will not benefit from the "ransom"

I will be shed of the UMC all on my own--I am making my own contribution to the 50 year numerical decline that has already been shown to have the capability of making the American United Methodist extinct over the next several decades; just like what has happened to every other mainline Protestant denomination that has adopted the progressive viewpoint. I have had enough of the close-minded discriminatory attitude progressives have towards traditionalists. I do not believe you are inferior simply because you believe differently than me. I hope and pray one day you can learn to respond in kind. The world will become a better place.

joan wesley more than 1 year ago


United Methodism is dancing near numerical extinction in Boston and continues sustained decline in New England (and everywhere else in the US). The reasons are many, but those &^%$ conservatives aren’t the primary suspects, because those with such convictions likewise are nearing extinction in the United Methodism of that region. The authors seem convinced that falling into line with the Episcopal and Presbyterian and Lutheran and UCC denominations is the wave of the future. The Protocol poker hand says to them, as it does to the conservatives with their own favorite enemies, “Your hand is called. You now are rid of those terrible other people. Now, let’s see the church grow. No more excuses.” Buy your popcorn and find your seat, for that will be a show to watch, for left and right alike.

Bob more than 1 year ago


... would be a plausible explanation for this screed.

JR more than 1 year ago