The WCA: Forked-Tongue Time



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Time to stop playing kick the can

The process of separation is ongoing. Those who seek to delay, avoid, negotiate anything less than separation have repeatedly sought to throw up every possible roadblock to slow down if not prevent the that separation from becoming reality. Those who comprise the WCA and the GCA that now formally exists cannot legitimately be blamed for acting in the best interests of their members given that the last delay of GC is merely another effort to avoid doing anything at all but putting off a final decision.

bthomas 3 days ago

And with the 3rd postponement of GC

The situation has changed. All the WCA verbiage you refer to is based on the assumption that GC would happen this year and the Protocol for Separation would be passed; something that is not going to happen for another two years. The decision for them to rethink and regroup is not that astonishing. Why do you insist on thinking the worst of those who disagree with you? It is not like what the WCA does or does not do will stave off the numerical decline that has been plaguing the UMC for decades. Local UMC churches that are part of the WCA are also experiencing numerical decline.

betsy 15 days ago



Alan Hudson 9 days ago

Academic Professionalism

AS a retired college professor, one would think that you would include sources for the basis of your article. Who is staying in the UMC?
Where are your examples? It would make your article more interesting and more believable to the reader.

Roy Shaneberger 17 days ago