Things to Remember about the New 'Protocol'

'#Resist Harm' Sticks to Protest Agenda



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"Show Me The Money"

While I am encouraged and optimistic that Methodists on either side of the "issue" can get back to church to worship, I have a couple of questions:

1) There's a bunch of "million$" floating around in that protocol with no specifics on how to fund them. Meanwhile, I remember occasional reports via um-insight of how this fund or that fund is sinking and more reductions in revenue are expected. Seems that there might not be the money to do all that is envisioned...
2) After all these years of debate and turmoil about the homosexual issue in the UMC, after the exalted and expensive "Way Forward" globetrotting secret meeting VIPs, and endless opines by bishops and clergy, it is interesting that the UMC put together a design group of essentially outsiders, led by a Jewish mediator? Is that Kosher? It is curious, to say the least...

Reese more than 2 years ago

Success and failure

"Some traditionalists are claiming that their new denomination will succeed while the "liberal" remainder will fail."

I don't know that the traditionalists will succeed (the world is not very open to any religious belief right now) but I am quite certain that the rainbow church will drop precipitously in size and wealth. All you have to do is look at the ELCA, the Presbyterians and the Episcopalians to see how "getting woke" works out.

RJ more than 2 years ago


Add the UCC (and Disciples) to your list. What happens is that the rate of decline increases twofold or more. These denominations have lost between 25 and 40% of their members over the last 10 or 15 years.

MJD more than 2 years ago

growth of conservative churches

Do a search for the above phrase. Plenty of data, i.e.

Kell Brigan more than 2 years ago

All Churches are seeing empty pews.

Most churches are seeing fewer attendees. I agree that ultra-conservative churches seem to be thriving, but ask yourselves why are they thriving? It is not the message, it is the babysitting, it is the large choirs along with some churches having full orchestras. Folks are coming for the free, or almost free with a small donation, entertainment and a chance to sit quietly sans the children.
Some churches have Sunday School and Church at the same time, ours did back in the 1960s when our children were little. What did we do? We dropped our three children off at Sunday School and we went out to a little restaurant for a quiet breakfast, other couples with children did the same thing. So what did the church do when they discovered this, they had separate SS and church services or had church start at ten, and after a children's message by the pastor or SS superintendent, had the children go to SS, so parents were trapped into stay through a boring sermon. Attendance dropped and people in our area stayed home from church entirely. If Conservative Churches are thriving it is the "Entertainment Factor."

Carla and Robert more than 1 year ago