United Methodism in a Fuddling Dilemma



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Out of context quotes...

Thomas Aquinas said homosexuality was an unnatural vice and called it a sin of sodomy. John Wesley was talking about little disagreements within the Christian faith that didn't starkly contradict what the Bible said. LGBT is not just a quibble about whether to clap in church, dance, go to movies but whether a clearly forbidden sin should be condoned, celebrated and included in our worship. I would be happy to challenge any Pro-LGBT UMC rep to a debate on how John Wesley's Quad would justify ordaining LGBT Clergy.

Brian Evers more than 1 year ago

Cute Cup

A cute cup and a wonderful antique. I would love to have one! It is also a perfect metaphor for what is wrong with the UMC. It represents theological pluralism perfectly which is what is the root of all our problems. It is ok to have differences of opinions within a consistent theological framework. If you are truly committed to your beliefs you cannot accept those that violate them as members of the same denomination. Therefore it is either split or purify to one consistent theology. I prefer the split as I do not want to conflict, but others seem to enjoy the battle much more than I do, or the laity for that matter.

Scott more than 1 year ago