A Global Church, Jurisdictions, and Racial Skeletons in Our Closet



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Surrender or Schism

Harumph! While the Jurisdictional Conferences may have been conceived in the sin of racism, the move to abolish them now is conceived in the sin of maintaining homophobic practice throughout the UMC. Where the Jurisdictional Conferences abolished the election of bishops would be deferred to General Conference, where the Conservative majority would prevail creating a Council of Bishops that uniformly supported the status quo. The attempt to enforce the anti-gay policies in the Western and Northeastern Jurisdictions would ensure more division and bitterness disrupting the church. Maintaining the Jurisdictions allows for some flexibility that keeps a measure of peace in the denomination. Conservative Methodists want uniformity and there can be no uniformity. Only flexibility or schism. And truth be told, conservatives want total surrender or schism.

My guess is that it most United Methodists are so tired of the fighting that they will do nothing at GC that might rock the boat more. There will be no big changes until the issue calms down...which could be a long way off.

Sarah Flynn more than 6 years ago

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