The United Methodist Representational Problem, Part III



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Who gets to vote?

Is the author suggesting that "potential" Methodists have the right to vote in Methodist affairs? I would consider members of Westboro Baptist Church and Satanic Worshippers as "potential" Methodists who are under represented. How does that sound?

Dave more than 2 years ago

Potentially good

Similar encouragement of younger people being included in Annual Conferences is a good idea too.

Regarding #5, perhaps a set of 'at large' delegates that are related to specific ministries or outreach efforts? These should be defined, and probably relatively small numbers. I'm not sure how they would be selected, but they might be exempt from the lay/elder equal counts (meaning that you might have 20 at-large, and in any given year most of them could be on either side of that ratio). Perhaps the groups that qualify could have their own election/nomination for one of their own who can speak for the various ministries that don't fall under any particular Annual Conference?

Anonymusing more than 2 years ago

Stacking the vote

These proposed ideas all serve to dilute the vote of the Southern Conference so progressive can retain votes. Disenfranchise the growing and vibrant part of the church and reward those in a battle for division of the spoils. The US is already over-represented due to a far greater percentage of pastors and bishops in proportion to layity. Any proposal for additional representation for missional areas needs to come out of the overrepresentation of clergy from the US. After all, they will all vote the same anyway.

tim claus more than 2 years ago

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