It’s Official: We Are The United Methodist Church That Hates Gays



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Can't have it both ways

Love the sinner hate the sin. It's as simple as that. Unfortunately, the Progressives want to take it a step further. A sad day for the Church if they prevail.

Laura more than 2 years ago

More of the Same from You

More hyperbole, Christy?

Sojourner Truth more than 2 years ago

Racist rhetoric

Your disparaging tone against African delegates and your proposed refusal to allow them into a new domination reveals your true soul.

Dave more than 2 years ago


I was covering Church and Society 2 meetings in 2016. An African delegate stood up to proclaim that gays were the devil's spawn. She was adamant. I understood that to be a cultural statement. No one should be excluded in the body of Christ, whatever their color, origin, orientation, or whatever. But love must prevail.

John Astle (United Methodist Insight) more than 2 years ago

Sage advice

As my father was wont to say, "two wrongs don't make a right". Christy clearly crosses the line; no matter what her adversaries may have done, there is no excuse for her behavior. Unfortunately, she just one of many "Progressives" displaying this hypocrisy.

Dave more than 2 years ago

False assertion

The Middle Class SubSaharan Africans who are bankrolled by the UMC and especially its right-wing factions generally lack a cultural understanding of what it means to be LGBTQIA in the more advanced nations of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and Mexico because to be thus in their culture, marked by rigid gender roles and arranged marriages, is to become a pariah.

Episcopal Bishop Jon Bruno of Los Angeles told a story about having to explain the domestic situation of V. Gene Robinson, the first gay Bishop in the ECUSA.

"Does Bishop Robinson's spouse wear a dress?" the African church leader asked Bruno. "No," Bruno, replied.

"The does Bishop Robinson do all the cooking and cleaning at home?" The African persisted. Bruna again replied in the negative.

Bruno reported the fellow excused himself, confused, because he feared the things he did not understand.

Not all African Christians share this willful ignorance. Bishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela most assuredly do not.

The Ugandas who sought a death penalty for homosexuality were goaded by a jackleg preacher named Scott Lively who has made it his mission to persecute LGBTQiS in whichever way possible.

Certain dynamaics like polygamy, arranged marriages, and separation of the genders in public education complicate the issue, not to mention the widespread belief raping a virgin cures HIV.

If An African eschews these views, he or she is certainly welcome. However, outside of South Africa, such will be as needles in haystacks.

If your culture advocates harm to others due to your ignorance, you don't get to play the race card.

George Nixon Shuler more than 2 years ago


I'm greatly saddened by the tone of this post. I understand that the author is deeply upset, but this post definitely does not reflect the statement that "real traditional Methodism is imbued with gracious love and hospitality." Language like "a hostile takeover" (when the vote was to continue the current stance of the UMC) and "raw power grab" are not gracious. The derogatory remarks about Africans (the UMC is, after all, a global church), including "And no, African 'methodists,' you can't come into the re-formed church" are certainly not hospitable.

Before the GC2019 UM-Insight carried stories and comments from many points of view about The Way Forward. Perhaps I've overlooked something, but it seems as if the stories since the Conference are more one-sided. That's disappointing.

Ric more than 2 years ago

True character shows through when your team loses.

The progressives expected to win and had convinced themselves they would win. When they didn't get their way, sadly, many in their camp are now showing their true character, which is not pretty. A formal split can't happen soon enough.

Paul W. more than 2 years ago

How very sad

How very sad you are in your bitterness. Please look deep into your heart to see how your hatred for the SBC, which has no dog in this fight, colors your every perception of Traditional believers within our denomination. Your labeling us haters only diminishes you, not us. Do you sincerely believe we feel it more important to curry favor wth the readers of The NY Times vs doing what we believe and understand God wants from us? You continually mischaracterize GC 2019 as a “ conservative takeover” when in reality the delegates kept church doctrine as is. If you are truly surprised at the outcome, you need to get out of your liberal bubble and visit more Methodists in the pews. That would require you to see us as Methodists trying to do good in our communities and trying to follow our consciences rather than haters. I know you are disappointed - actually you are filled with bitterness - but it’s okay because you can go your way and we can go ours. I frankly don’t care about the name, so long as each side can leave with their property and without litigation like the Episcopalians, and can move on in peace rather hurling invectives at each other. If separating amicably is not good enough for you, please get some help with your bitterness. It will only diminish you and shorten your life.

John more than 2 years ago

I Don’t Hate My LGBT Brethren

First, thank you John for a kind and measured response to Dr Thomas. Second, I’d like to state once again that I don’t hate my LGBT brethren. For many years I have worshipped with them served on committees with them and when I was chair of missions at my church, I served side-by-side with them feeding the homeless. Our church has been one of progressives, centrists, and Traditionalists. I am not aware of anyone hating anyone else. We all get along. We are all sinners and we all hate sin in whatever form it is..Those like myself hate LGBT behavior as per the Bible it is a sin. But again, I don’t hate LGBT individuals. Whereas I can understand why a liberal writer from The NY Times can’t/won’t make that distinction. What I can’t understand is how someone who claims to be ordained can’t make that distinction? The name calling and hurtful remarks by Dr. Thomas do as much damage to the UMC reputation as anything from GC2019. Perhaps her next article will be a bit more fair to UMC Traditionalists and hopefully show some good ol UMCcontrition.

Steve more than 2 years ago

thank you

Thank feelings exactly .

Barbara more than 2 years ago

Thanks John

You summarized my feelings as well. However I am now the embittered one that left the United Methodist Church because of this. In our North Texas Conference, the liberal disease runs all the way up the chain of command to the bishop level. This means that all of the Pastors and superintendants that "work" for the bishop are all toeing the boo hoo poor homosexual sympathetic cry. So for traditional conservative Methodists, we feel that our leadership's Anti-Trump, Anti-American, Pro Homosexuality stances are not in line with ours. For that reason, we left the United Methodist Church completely. Or I should say, the United Methodist Church, at least in the North Texas area has left us out to dry. We cannot be lead by those who corrupt bibilical teachings to meet the wishes of UMC leadership.

Rich Jones more than 2 years ago

A Prayer

O God of grace and mercy, enfold Christy Thomas in your love and peace, fill her soul with calm, and heal her hurt, in the name of Jesus. Amen

Ric more than 2 years ago