One Church Plan Fails in Committee

Traditional Plan, Exit Plans Move Forward



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Doomed from the start

The divisions in the UMC are so great that attempting to have the factions in one church was not a reasonable expectation. The issues are not just gay matters, but the status of scripture, rejection of science, abortion, birth control, the status of women in the church, etc. A perhaps better plan would have been to organize churches as the Baptists with each being autonomous. The superstructure of bishops and superintendents would then be unnecessary. There are, of course, many churches that are not affiliated with a denomination. This is especially the case with mega churches, which may or may not be the future of Protestantism. I suppose small and struggling churches benefit from whatever aid is provided to them including the provision for a pastor. Itinerant appointments are not always pleasing to congregations who like their pastor. Conservative congregations are likely not so keen in being part of a "global" church. It will be interesting to see how quickly they seek the exit.

David more than 2 years ago

Total Crisis of Leadership

I agree. It is a waste of God's resources to debate whether to follow His Word as clearly written in the Bible. Our objective should be to spread the Word and defend the Word (if needed in court and in government) and most importantly to live the Word. The well intentioned superstructure has led us down the path of the serpent .

Job more than 2 years ago