A Letter to Centrists



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By using the word "pragmatism", you give yourself away as a weak practitioner of religion. If Jesus had been a pragmatist, he would have negotiated a "cut" from the money changers instead of disrupting their practices. Righteousness has no room for choosing "the easy route" as pragmatism invariably leads. Following social trends is what you choose; how sad!

Dave more than 1 year ago

Enemy? Bullet point #2

I don't think 'enemy' is the right term, in the grand scope of things. There are a lot of (t)raditionalists in the pews who shouldn't be seen that way, while there might be (T)raditionalists in areas who could be. I would suggest 'adversary', for both the Biblical reference and the less aggressive secular meaning.

Also, a nice switch from Moderate/Progressive (which I've been using) could be using double pipes: Moderate||Progressive. It's a little unusual in it's appearance which is a benefit here for the reasons states above.

JR more than 1 year ago

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