A Statement on the Special General Conference



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What I don't get

Is if you think the UMC structure is hindering God, then why do you stay? Why don't you expend your energy setting up a church such as you envision and leave The UMC to what you perceive is its inherent brokenness? As far as I am concerned, if any harm is being done to anybody, it is because they choose to bang their head against an intractable institution rather than living out what they feel God has called them to do. After being a lifelong Methodist/United Methodist I am seriously reconsidering my participation in it because I did not understand that it is nothing more than conflicting and contradictory theological factions jockeying for position and control! Life is complicated enough without the church adding another level of weirdness and confusion.

betsy more than 2 years ago


I was born and baptized into the UMC in 1960. I came out to my UMC pastor father in 1967. I have known nothing but abuse from the UMC ever since.

I have waited 59 years, almost SIX DECADES, for the UMC to embrace me and offer me G-d's love.

I will not continue to wait. I will not support the church with my time or tithes. It is over.

Continue fighting the Good Fight, if you wish, but don't get your hopes up.

If the UMC ever decides to follow in Christ's footsteps, drop me a line.

I won't hold my breathe.

Benjamin A. Uchytil more than 2 years ago

No, a 1000 times no

It is not the time to be more vocal, it is time for progressives to run, not walk away. God has spoken over and over again at General Conference. It is time for progressives to back down and go their separate way. It is evident God has chosen the UMC to stand up against further progressive erosion of his Word and values. We don’t need any more meetings commissions discussion or money spent on this issue. IT’S OVER PEOPLE - MOVE ON.

Steve more than 2 years ago