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Fictional cartoon representations of Miethodist founders?

I am an old Methodist. From a more conservative conference. I am uncomfortable with fictional cartoon representations of my religion or those who, directly or indirectly, founded our denomination.
What the Wesley brothers and others actually said or did hundreds of years ago mean little to me. You scholars can enjoy your holier-than-thou banter ad nauseum, but we never worshiped Wesley. We worshipped Jesus in a Methodist church. What matters to me is that the church I was baptized in, that I grew up in, that my friends and family worshiped in, labored in and volunteered in is under attack from all sides and will likely lose the battle.
Wesley et al did not face the issues we face today. He handled non-negotiable issues in his way, and with Holy guidance I am sure, the Methodist Church evolved via a separation. We face new and very different non-negotiable issues today. It certainly is within the Wesley tradition that the result is a separation. So, nothing new under the Son!

Reese more than 1 year ago

I am willing to allow those who disagree with me....

The space to follow their own beliefs. However, there are those that insist that I must believe as they believe. And in his sermon, 'The Catholic Spirit', Wesley was all about people must not blow in the wind with their beliefs but settle on a set of beliefs with an understanding that I may be missing something. But until I am convinced otherwise, stick with what I believe. And there is nothing about this "new and improved" ever expanding sexuality ethic that convinces me human thinking has evolved when it comes to understanding our sexuality. In fact the Bible is full of what happens when humanity believes "they know best". That is why I am most comfortable with a belief rooted in historic Christianity that has been proven to be transformative. Being truly of the catholic spirit does not require me to give up what I believe simply to make way for somebody else's belief. And Wesley's understanding of the catholic spirit does not allow for conflicting orthodoxies to exist within a single faith tradition. A church that tries to exist under such conditions is ultimately proclaiming that at the very least God does not care what we do and at the worst is representing a God who is double minded. And I don't believe God is either.

betsy more than 1 year ago

A bit of overlooked history

The article fails to mention the reason John Wesley became frustrated with the Fetters Lane Society and split off to set up his own society at the Foundry: a disagreement over theology. And remember his split from his friend Whitefield over Whitefield's Calvinist theology? Later the breach was healed and Whitefield was allowed to preach at Wesley's societies as long as Whitfield did not stray into Calvinist theology that Wesley did not ascribe to. Wesley was always very particular when it came to what was taught and preached at the societies under his supervision. The whole concept of connection came into being because individuals chose to connect themselves to John Wesley and his particular set of beliefs.

betsy more than 1 year ago


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