Broken Windows, Gluten-Free Food, Plus Sized Clothing and The United Methodist Church



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Oh, what a Medley of Metaphors to Present the Coming Chaos!

What a medley of metaphors! However, now that the years of closed-door meetings of Way Forward folks has ended, and the time of partisan pontification by bishops/clergy and special lay leaders has begun, rank and file common old pew-sitting tithers are getting the message that UMC is facing non-negotiable differences among many different philosophies with many different definitions of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, moral vs. immoral, and what to do when chaos becomes inevitable.
In my local UMC church here in Texas, there are some who will not care and will just attend on Sunday, then go home, and a few liberals who are frustrated now and have been for years and will likely stay mad. There are some older traditionalists who will grumble and stay until they die, and there are, evidently, many traditionalists, like me and she, who will find God at the golf course or maybe even the local Baptist church or the All Around Cowboy Church, both of which are building HUGE NEW BUILDINGS on new land within 20 miles of here. Both have toe-tappin' music, a conservative interpretation of the Bible, very active youth programs, and ways for volunteers to do good works for those in need - and, almost no liberals! Meanwhile, our local UMC is running low on the dough-rae-me and can't figure out why people are not coming... Duh! (they even changed pastors! Didn't help.)

Reese more than 3 years ago

The fantasy liberals caused membership to decline

,,, is purse speculation devoid of evidence, but seems to fit Reese's need to blame them for things he doesn't like.

George Nixon Shuler more than 3 years ago

I admit my world is small, but my numbers are in line...

In my little world in Central Texas, the local Episcopal Church is again looking for a priest - seems the young priests they find take what they can to start, but soon find a parish with more than 45 in the pews. I was once on the board (Vestry) there, but left when the cancer of liberalism metastasized in that denomination - "full inclusion" in UMC terms - in 2003. I had joined my new wife in the Episcopal Church after our marriage. But, we returned to my Methodist roots and now we have suspended our membership there for the same reasons. I am not alone, our local UMC is shrinking. As I reported above, the more conservative Baptist and Cowboy churches are booming and building. I don't know what goes on in New York or LA or Denver, Chicago or Charlotte, but I read similar trends abound. So, if I am wrong and it is not liberalism across a wide board of issues that is shifting church attendance from the old traditional to the new conservative, please tell me what you think it is and give me some examples. I am old, but I can be taught. (Whether I will remember or not is an issue...) P.S. I do understand that the young, especially millennials, seldom make it out of their parents' basements to go to work, much less go to church...

Reese more than 3 years ago