The Forces BEHIND Political And Religious Discord: Who Profits?



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And just for the record

From a traditionalist perspective, I absolutely relate to this father's concerns for the future of his traditionalist children in America. If we are not careful, the progressive sexuality agenda will fulfill this father's prophecy:

Unlike some of his neighbors in Sioux County, Hall does not believe Republicans should turn back to an older, more civil style of politics. Impeachment is just one more front in an all-out partisan battle for the nation’s soul. Hall doesn’t love Trump, he said, but he voted for him in 2016 because “the future of the country, in my opinion, was legitimately on the line.” He has no doubt that “at some point in my kids’ lives, in America, they’re going to have to choose between denouncing their faith,” he said, and getting “locked up in a prison somewhere. I fully expect that.”

And I see that exact same sexuality agenda alive and well in every Mainline Protestant Church including the United Methodist Church.

betsy 198 days ago

Form my perspective..,

This very much sounds like Western Jurisdiction progressives declaring that they are right and everybody else is wrong and once again the only way they are going to follow the will of General Conference is if it pushes the entire denomination in a progressive direction. Please explain how I am wrong in that perception.

betsy 199 days ago

There is no traditionalist takeover

We never left. I am a traditionalist because I was born into, baptized in and grew up in the Methodist/Untied Methodist Church. We have always been here. We were already here when somewhere in the late 1800's early 1990's the Bishops decided two things: What the church does is way more important than what we believe and historic Christianity was no longer suitable for a modern people. That is the seed that gave rise to this mess we find ourselves immersed in. Problem is their thinking stayed primarily in the upper echelons of the church and never quite made it down to the grassroots so traditionalists have always been here. Its just in more modern times we have become more vocal, especially after progressives poked us with their stick of disobedience- which is the real "do or die" issue for traditionalist, not sexuality. Problem is you have not ever truly listened to traditionalists of the UMC, you automatically put us all in a box of your own making based on your experiences in another denomination. Furthermore, there are progressives who operate from the perception that they are right and everyone else is wrong; as far as I am concerned, they are the reason we cannot have a rational discussion about anything

betsy 201 days ago

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