The Mean Girl Manifesto: The UMC Traditionalist Plan



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Methinks Thou Dost... Oh Nevermind

Clearly an opinion piece, but outright lying? Come on, Christy. We can do better than this. Consider: What might drive mature Christians to draw up such rules? This is not your likely-politically-innocent younger sister's United Methodism. Enough with the ad hominem mud. Who's actually the mean girl here? (And how can an organization "hijack" it's own vehicle, vis-a-vis it's 46-year-current Discipline.) Shall we find a Holy Communion service to disrupt, shattering its cup of salvation and then wallow in walkways because we keep losing votes, and refuse to leave the cash sow?

Rudolph Wolfhart more than 1 year ago

What a sexist metaphor of people standing their ground...

Well, hush my mouth, but I am just shocked at such a sexist metaphor from a leading famous man-bashing liberal women’s rights blogger, Ms. Christy Thomas! I can’t imagine what hell would result if an old conservative like me were to use the metaphor of endless disagreement being like the nagging of women or that the internal hostilities equaled an office full of women with no man to organize them… But, Christy has her own rules on righteous indignation…

Yet, I think we would agree that the African Methodists are facing an unimaginable financial crisis. A split in the UMC is inevitable – not because we are acting like children, but because we are adults and Christians with our own certain sets of values. Many of us learned those values from preachers, teachers, parents, aunts, uncles and even drill instructors. To call us children, or little girls, is most insulting. Others have different values for different reasons. I don’t condemn them in the way we traditionalists are insulted, I just don’t accept their values in my church. Our opposing positions are non-negotiable, and those who will pay the biggest penalty are those who have built their foreign missionary programs on our contributions.

Those contributions are dwindling and will soon take a major hit. Unless leadership of all groups stops trying to force compromise and “love” between irreconcilable values, and thus find that amicable way to split without too much litigation or disruption, we will all suffer – our missionary partners will perish.
Remember: the Lutherans split over these issues in the 70s. The Presbyterians split over these issues in the 80’s. The Episcopalians chose not to split, but to go liberal and they are about one generation away from disappearing. Our internal strife is not just us, it is universal. Like in any ugly divorce, the “children”, our missionaries, will suffer the most.

Reese more than 1 year ago

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