The Will of God, Jesus and the Bishops



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Addressing more than money

What you’re leaving out is the people who will have to “lay down their lives” by being hidden, lying, or pretending to be someone they’re not. You seem to see us as costing money one way or the other. How do you valuate our eternal lives?

Marsha Stevens-Pino more than 4 years ago

The Will of God...

'Discriminatory' and 'restrictive' language is only seen as such by those who refuse to accept the authority of scripture on this issue.

William Pearsall more than 4 years ago

Door number 4

I’m thinking that door number 4 seems the most faithful of the options. You stated well the difficulties of the three plans offered by the Commission on a Way Forward. Each one contains a potential fatal flaw. Methodism, United or any other way, is best as a movement of sharing the grace of God. That is difficult to accomplish when the institution is fighting for its very existence.
Thank you, Christy, for your thoughtful insights.

Dale Hotelling more than 4 years ago

Discriminatory language or something else?

To encourage others to choose a sex other than their God-given gender is abuse and that would not fit the will of God.

Skipper more than 4 years ago

The will of

Nicely summarized. I will take door number 1. That looks to be the most stable option.

Kevin more than 4 years ago