Grieving, But Not Leaving, the United Methodist Church



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The author decries the influence and votes of "Russians, Africans and others" in one paragraph and accuses them of "xenophobia" two paragraphs later. May we please see cogent articles on this forum?

Dave more than 2 years ago

Meanness a two way street

I read little on this supposedly “United” Methodist website that doesn’t marginalize and condemn faithful Methodists who believe everyone is of sacred worth but that active homosexual conduct, practice, whatever you choose to call it, as opposed to homosexual feelings or status is incompatible with Orthodox Christian teaching. Good and faithful Methodists who understand the US Constitution does not distinguish between state marriage or civil unions between two adults of the opposite sex or two of the same sex but whose understanding of and acceptance of Christian religious or spiritual or God-blessed ( as opposed to state-blessed) marriage is only between one man and one woman (with no cheating on the side approved) are routinely castigated as “haters” or even evil. These are good God-fearing people who attend church regularly and support their churches financially. I’m fine with you thinking the way you do. I fine with you and other like-minded people like you leaving to form your own Wesleyan-oriented group with your church property. Just please extend the same courtesy to those on the other side of the debate and let us leave without hurling more invectives at each other.

John more than 2 years ago