Humpty Dumpty Can’t Be Put Back Together Again

Why the United Methodist Church Must Split



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Best Article

This is without doubt the best analysis I've read of the current situation.. It's so good that the Internet Trolls who usually respond to all the articles on this site have remained quiet.

Thank you for such a mature analysis.

Wesleyian Anglican more than 2 years ago

Amicable Separation

Thank you for your insight. At least 90% of the UM I've spoken with, want a separation without doing more harm. The whole world, believers and nonbelievers, are watching how we, as christian people, deal with conflict. We MUST DO NO MORE HARM, than has already been done to all sides. Too long we have tried to force one way or the other. It is time to face the truth, there will never be agreement. You are correct that in order to have any meaningful witness and ministry is to be as grown siblings who do not agree. There are no winners or losers, we all want to do what is the best to have a ministry for all! The grown siblings metaphor does not have the negative connotation that a "divorce" has. Please for the sake of all, leaders of the UMC, act upon this and let us part in love, wishing each other well, even though we disagree on theology. The inaction from our leaders, of the last few decades have had a major cost upon our collective ministry. Let us show the world how Christians can solve conflict in a loving manner. If we do not, the Methodist faith will forever be stained and we will have lost the opportunity to witness and serve many, many souls.

Tracy Adams more than 2 years ago

Very rational

I appreciate your rational analysis rather than the hysterical hyperbole hurled against both sides.

John more than 2 years ago

i agree.

You got this right. I wish more people would understand this- especially our bishops. And some of our clergy who keep trying to re-educate their parishoners to their personal point of view.

td more than 2 years ago