Better Together: The Good News and the Bad News at #GC2019



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As a devout carnivore, veggie medley metaphors are half-baked with me…

My best metaphor for the issue Dr. J espouses is, “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?” Some things are just never going to be acceptable to certain people. You can’t force it, you can’t pass new laws, you can’t talk it to death, you can’t pray it away.
Debates never settle anything. No debate ever ended in somebody saying, “Hey, now I get it. Thanks for explaining it to me!” No, two opposing sides never reach a winner. If a winner is declared, it is only by a third party, never by the losing debater. Progressives will never accept anything less than not only “full inclusion” in clergy and weddings and all things UMC, but in demanding that each and every traditional conservative personally accept the homosexual lifestyles as normal. If the Simple Plan passes, or even the OCP, the debate will only escalate, not end. The exodus will accelerate. UMC’s “mission” will eventually end… Example? The conference of UMC’s lesbian bishop. Hasn’t the historic decline accelerated?
On the other hand, passing the Traditionalist plan, by whatever parsing, will do for the UMC what Fort Sumter did for settling the slavery issue. Hostilities will escalate. I see the word “punishment” used for those who do not comply and I laugh. UMC bishops punish homosexual clergy? Seriously? Let WCA and other traditional experts define “punishment” and consider that, in the USA, there are lawyers who live well by representing those claiming to be unfairly punished. And courts eager to make punishers pay. The “Traditional” vision is fantasyland.
A final metaphor: What should we do if we are in an abusive relationship? Most of us say “leave”. I submit that both progressives and traditionalists in the UMC are in an abusive relationship. Homosexuals have joined this denomination for decades knowing full well that it is not “fully inclusive”, yet they came, stayed and fight to change it. Traditionalists have endured this constant bashing for decades, allowed our leadership to ignore our BoD, and now must watch the church of our forefathers decline into war rather than worship. It isn’t fair to either side. There will be no winner. Let us leave in peace…

Reese more than 1 year ago

Hopefully over soon

I am so relieved the Special called General Conference is upon us and the end is in sight. I hope and pray the majority of the delegates will be inspired by the Holy Spirit to let Holy Scripture be their primary guide rather than a sense of social activism. I am praying the Modified Traditional Plan passes with increased accountability so clergy and especially Bishops can no longer mock the Book of Discipline and we all can operate with the same understanding of our Rules and Principals. I pray a gracious exit plan is adopted so those who in good conscience cannot live with true accountability can move on and organize as they see fit. By the same token, if the OCP (the anything goes plan) passes, I hope there is a gracious exit plan so I can leave and and others like me can organize as we see fit. I will wish you luck on your faith journey and pray you are tolerant enough to wish us well on our faith journey. It will be a crime of monstrous proportions if General Conference does nothing, thereby leaving all of us to founder on the rocks of continued acrimony ( not to mention the criminal waste of money and people’s time and energy). I pray God let this matter be decided and let both sides move on to try in their own way to bring souls to Christ. God is much bigger than the UMC and will continue to work His grace in people whether the current denomination as we know it continues to exist or not. My prayers to the delegates

John more than 1 year ago

Roman Soldier

"“We can disagree and still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.”
So, if you disagree to carry the pack for the soldier, then it's okay not to love the roman soldier?

Anonymous more than 1 year ago

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