Nordic #UMC Opposes Traditional Plan, Seeks to Avoid Punitive Methodism



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It's about time.

I finally see a Progress group considering leaving the UMC. Hopefully others will understand that as the best solution. Thanks for advocating their thoughts Jeremy.

Dave more than 2 years ago


C'mon, Jeremy, this is ridiculous. You've claimed there has been action by the Norwegian Annual Conference, but the details you provide tell a completely different story. It seems that 88 professing members have presented proposed legislation to the Norwegian AC that, if approved when it meets, would establish a committee to investigate courses of action that would be contrary to the decisions of GC2019. The Norwegian AC will not meet until June. Any recommendations made by that committee will be to the 2020 Annual Conference, at which time those recommendations could be enacted, enacted with changes, or rejected in their entirety. A petition supporting the legislation has 135 names so far (out of 4,150 total professing members in a conference serving 11,500). No matter how convoluted the thought process, there's no possible way to conclude that the Norwegian AC has decided anything.

John more than 2 years ago

Must We Continue to Discriminate?

My husband and I have our membership in UMC in the New England Conference, a conference that is in non-conformity with the BoD. Eleven other conferences are, also, in non-conformity, with more to come, I am sure.
Why can't we forget who someone loves? Who someone loves is up to the two people involved.
We have known since 1976 that being LBGT is a matter of one's birth. If someone is LBG or T see what they do. Are they kind? Are they considerate of the feelings of others? Are they grateful when they go to someone's home, are entertained, and fed? Do they say, "Thank you?"
Are they constantly seeking attention and are they obnoxious due to always seeking to be "center stage?" Do they work hard and do not expect their bills should be paid by others?
If they have any of those obnoxious traits, call them out on that, but that is due to their personality and it has nothing to do with being LBG or T.

Robert & Carla Skidmore more than 2 years ago