Realigning the UMC: The One Church Plan

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While I understand that our society is shifting and reading into scripture to support that shift may not be supported by many. I venture to say a good percentage of silent Methodists. The OCP presents options to all Methodist nation wide. We can’t make contextual Methodist feel “forced” to accept beliefs and positions that are
Contrary to their personal God fearing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Michael Kell more than 3 years ago

You missed something.

What happens to the people? You're right, it's not inherently progressive, but what it does do is water down the scripture into a free-for-all. The net result is a bunch of people that are unable to stay because of their convictions, a bunch that leave because it's not liberal enough, and another bunch that are so confused they just give up on church altogether. The ones who stay will then have to contend with a denomination in bankrupt freefall. I hope I'm wrong.

Pastor Tracey more than 3 years ago

The Incompatibility Language

Jeremy, I agree with much of your analysis and your reservations regarding The One Church plan. Sadly, I see it as the best of the three options and would support it on that ground if left no other viable choice that didn't do hideous things to our connection, our theology, or our witness to the grace of God, but that's a poor affirmation at best.

What you failed to note, and this is something positive that the One Church Plan manages to do, is that the "incompatibility language" has been struck from the Social Principles. The "incompatibility language" is the basis upon which discrimination against homosexuals relative to marriage and ordination is elsewhere supported. By striking the "incompatibility language" from the Discipline, the church takes an important step forward. The limitations to that step forward, which you outlined, are real and problematic, but I see them as temporary ... more of a transitional stage than an end-game.

Gregory S. Neal more than 3 years ago


I think this plan is indeed leaning toward the liberals (who like to call themselves progressive). I don't think there is discrimination against homosexual people, only against the sin of practicing homosexuality, just like the sins of adultery, bestiality, fornication, or kleptomania, nymphomania, gambling, alcoholism. If your pastors or ministers are practicing these sinful lifestyles (along with many others) are they fit to be the leaders of our churches? If we are practicing sinful lifestyles (according to scripture), should we be placed in positions of leadership? Sorry, I don't believe men loving men and women loving women in this way is Biblical or normal. Look at the human body--what seems logical and normal? How did God create us? We are only succumbing to societal norms and forgetting scriptural teachings.

Carol Reidy more than 2 years ago

No, no, no.

People who don't understand how the One Church Plan, really "the do what you feel like plan," will destroy the connectionalism unique to Methodism are kidding themselves. So oddly, I agree with Jeremy on this one and agree it is a very poor option. Of course I agree it is a bad option for reasons very different from Rev. Smith, who prefers that every Methodist be forced to go PC rather than follow traditional interpretation of Scripture, thereby forcing those who believe in the clear and unambiguous Bibical statements on same sex sexual relations abandon their consciences.

John more than 3 years ago

abandon consciences

Better to adhere to conscience than to the Biblical mandate to love neighbor? Sounds more like hew to one's own bias is the thing to do, no?

Janice Gintzler more than 3 years ago


What does same sex marriage have to do with loving your neighbor? I am very tired of hearing that the conservative, Bible followers don't love people. You can love everyone and forgive everyone but not love their sin, not agree with their ungodly lifestyle. Would you choose a practicing alcoholic, practicing prostitute, practicing drug addict, etc. for your minister of your church? These are other sinful lifestyles just like the sinful lifestyle some gays and others continue to be involved with. Why should we pick one sin out of the Bible and say because it is rampant in our society (as it apparently was in Sodom and Gomorrah) it should be acceptable and even elevated to the status of the sacred union called "marriage". My only bias is against sin without repentance.

Carol Reidy more than 2 years ago

Reread the scriptures

You are obviously misinterpreting the scriptures. Jesus lives and accepts everyone. Shouldn’t the church do the same?

JR more than 3 years ago


Perhaps you are the one obviously misinterpreting the scriptures. Accept everyone. Yes. Elevate everyone no matter what sinful lifestyle they are involved in to elders, leaders, pastors, bishops in the church. That's a different story altogether. I don't believe anyone would choose me as a church leader. Everyone can't be fit and chosen to lead a congregation. There are standards of conduct.

Carol Reidy more than 2 years ago